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Multi Organ Transplant

Kidney Transplant
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Bone Marrow
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Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer From $1800
Colon Cancer
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Orthopedics Surgery

Total Knee Replacement From $5377
Total Hip Replacement
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Neuro Spine Surgery

Deep Brain Stimulation From $20000
Lumbar Spine Surgery
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Bariatric Surgery

Lap Gastric Banding From $5600
Gastric Bypass
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Infertility and Pregnancy

IVF-ICSI From $4051
Egg Donor IVF-ICSI
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Cornea Transplant From $759
Retinal Detachment
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Why Medical Tourism to India

Medical tourism offers superior medical care under the guidance of skilled surgeons, doctors, and support staff at affordable cost. This requires the patient to travel to a foreign destination in order to receive such treatments. Medical tourism is an age-old concept dating back to ancient Greece, and has been happening in India for many years.

With advancements in healthcare in India, medical tourism and wellness tourism to India has increased multifold. India is among the Top 3 medical tourism destinations in the world and treats millions of patients at affordable cost.

Medical Tourism to India has witnessed great rise in the last couple of decades- a whopping 30% annual growth. With ballooning costs of medical treatment in developed world, especially United States and long waiting lines in UK and Australia, more and more Westerners and people from across the globe are finding the prospect of medical tourism to India appealing. It is estimated that 200,000 Americans travel to India every year for affordable medical treatment.

About India

"One of the oldest human settlements, India is a confluence of important religious belief systems like Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Sikhism. However, India prides itself in giving the message of peace and syncretism from the harmonious existence of these communities.

Located in southern Asia, India houses the legendary monument of love, the Taj Mahal. However, !incredible India does not end with this wonder of the world; centuries of history take you on a mystical journey in the land of colours. From the Portuguese churches in Goa, to the traditional Rajputana carvings in Rajasthan; from the majestic Golden temple in the north, to the pristine Kerala backwaters in the south, every state holds a distinct flavour in its architecture, cuisines, lifestyles, and medicine.

Since her independence from the British rule in 1947, India has come a long way in every sphere. With growth and development across sectors, Indians rank amongst the most successful doctors, engineers and businesspersons, artists, and sports personalities in the world today, Indians being top-ranked achievers in every field. Indian businesses continue to challenge the world in industries such as IT/ ITeS, pharmaceuticals, medical tourism, hospitality, and knowledge services. India takes pride in her educated population that has provided strategic importance to India on the globe.

Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India is as old as the civilization itself. Long before the British colonized the country, cataract, caesarean section, plastic surgery, and even brain surgery was performed. More than 2600 years ago, Sushruta - the father of Indian surgery used over 125 instruments to perform complex operations.

Today, Indian doctors and specialist surgeons offer all kinds of surgeries. With growing availability and applicability of medical infrastructure and procedures, India comes across as an exciting confluence of western medicine and expert professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Prominent Indian corporate houses are making their presence felt in this arena by bringing the best in international equipment and technical know-how to the Indian shores and building world class healthcare facilities in India. Several others groups have stepped into this sector leading to a substantial rise in the quality of healthcare services and facilities in India. The super specialty hospitals along with the educated and efficient support staff is where the strength of the Indian medical industry lies. The medical industry is updating itself constantly by becoming extremely dynamic and innovative.

Healthcare Tourism to India

State-of-the-art technology, skilled practitioners, a rapidly progressing pharmaceutical industry, and the rich cultural heritage make India one of the leading medical tourism destinations. A testimony to the county's excellence in medicine and hospitality is the millions of tourists that visit India each year for consultations, treatments, and rejuvenation.

India has been swiftly moving forward to become the top destination in the field of medical tourism. The recent developments confirm that, robot-assisted surgery was conducted for the first time in India. The Clinical Research Facility (CRF) for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine has also seen several breakthroughs. Many such advancements are taking place in the field of medicine and medical technology and the Indian doctors, scientists and medical institutions are geared up to embrace the new.

To ensure that the high standards are maintained, the National Accreditation Board for hospitals develops, maintains, reviews, and enforces the standards to be maintained for hospitals, medical care centres. Many hospitals in India are accredited by JCI which is the international arm of JCHAO, the agency that accredits the health care facilities in the United States. A JCI accredited facility stands to be at par with the facilities in the United States.

Several experienced Indian surgeons and doctors trained and having practiced in USA, UK, and Europe for many years have chosen India to set up their own specialized hospitals or offer consultation and surgery through other private hospitals in India.

Cardiac surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Dental Care, Cosmetic surgery, Organ transplant are just few of the many medical treatments in Indiathat medical tourists opt for. Along with these medical treatments, alternate therapies like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy etc, provide India a distinct advantage over other medical tourism destinations.

India's Advantage as Medical Tourism Destination

India enjoys an undisputed advantage in terms of quantity and quality of skilled and techno friendly work force, which other countries can only try to emulate.

According to recent statistics, medical tourism in India is expected to touch $10 billion in 2020. Thanks to the rapid advancements in communication and data sharing technologies, sectors like medicine, IT/ ITeS and BPOs have enjoyed the fruits of outsourcing and off shoring form the western world.

World's Best Doctors

India's excellent talent pool is regularly fortified with skilled work force from over 100 universities housing more than ten thousand colleges offering professional education. This army of trained candidates allows India to offer the most advanced services at competitive costs across the board.

The government has been providing aids and scholarships, to boost medical education in the country. Several students and aspiring doctors get trained under some of the finest surgeons from USA, UK, and Europe.

With around 9,50,000 expert practitioners, 4,000 hospitals and thousands of wellness centres across the country, India has one of the most abundant skilled manpower and medical infrastructure to be a preferred destination for medical tourism.

Private Hospitals in India - at par with world's best

Rising domestic demand has promoted the development of excellent medical infrastructure by the private hospitals in India, thereby introducing newer technologies and services at competitive prices.

In spite of lower overheads, patients can expect facilities and medical care at par with best hospitals in the world. Thousands of successful treatments and surgeries every year are a testimony to the effectiveness of Indian medical services, all this while costing a fraction of the amount as compared to the West.

No Waiting Time

Medical tourism in India is highly recommended due to its major benefit, which is 'Absolutely No Waiting Period'. Quick turnaround time is a facet only India can boast of. Some countries have an over-stretched medical system requiring patients to await treatments, sometimes even in case of urgent surgeries and operations.

Timely, safe, effective, and quick medical attention by the top most surgeons and doctors is a feature only the Indian medical services can make available.

No language Barrier

English being the second most spoken language in the country, it is much easier for people from the West to communicate here rather than in a country where the help of interpreters is required. All doctors and support staff at hospitals in India are fluent in English thus making communication easy.

Wellness Tourism

Even before the Beatles went on their famous pilgrimage to Rishikesh in 1969, India has been a popular destination for people seeking serenity and spiritual growth. Ayurveda, Yoga, Spirituality are few of the things that India has introduced to the world and people continue to flock to India for a real taste of them.

Whether they are wellness retreats in Himalayas or Ayurveda centres in backwaters of Kerala, India offers unique value to the tourists seeking tranquility and rejuvenation of their mind, body and souls. Wellness is not limited to therapies, it is the science and art of holistically healing the body and mind.

With a whopping 22 percent growth annually in wellness tourism to India, the country enjoys one of the top spots in the wellness tourism industry.

India as Tourist Destination

India - well known over the world for its warmth and hospitality, is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. With over 9 million foreign tourists and over 250,000 medical tourists visiting the country in 2015, India is headed to be among the top tourist destinations in the world.

India has much to offer to her visitors. Located in southern Asia, India houses the legendary monument of love, the Taj Mahal. However, !ncredible India does not end with this wonder of the world; centuries of history take you on a mystical journey in the land of colours. From the Portuguese churches in Goa, to the traditional Rajputana carvings in Rajasthan; from the majestic Golden temple in the north, to the pristine Kerala backwaters in the south, every state holds a distinct flavour in its architecture, cuisines and lifestyles.

Besides rich cultural heritage and scenic locatios, India also offers luxury travel and stay to her travelers and tourists. Cruise from the picturesque natural sites to the architectural wealth in this beautiful land, almost all the cities in India have something to interest the tourists.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Medical Tourism To India?

Medical tourism is the term given to the act of travelling to another country to get better and low cost medical treatment. Medical bills in a developed country are very high and have started becoming a burden on the patients. That is when the patients started looking out for other and better options, and the practice of medical tourism come into notice. Other reasons that contributed to the growth of medical tourism include long waiting lists at the hospitals, unavailability of the treatments or low quality treatments in the home countries. 

What Services Are Included In Medical Tourism?

Once you are with visit you need not bother about anything as it will be our responsibility to pick you up from the airport, accommodate you at the desired hotel, complete ground transportation, medical procedures, travel packages and much more.

What Services Biogenique Provide?

We strive to ensure that all your needs are met from start to finish. This begins with providing all the information you need in a form that is easy to understand, including providing an initial online consultation with the relevant medical professionals. We then handle the scheduling of treatment and booking of facilities. We also arrange all necessary post-treatment care. For the duration of your stay in India, our team is on hand to assist with tour guides, translators, transportation, accommodation, food, foreign currency, local SIM cards, shopping trips, car hire, airport transfer, and a wide range of leisure activities to keep you entertained on your holiday.

How Can I Trust The Quality Of The Indian Doctors?

Many of the doctors in India are educated in US and UK. Some have even practiced in the US for years and remain Board Certified in the US. Also, you must be aware that most of the hospitals in US and UK have a major chunk of Indian doctors.

Why Do People Travel Abroad For Medical Treatment?

Usually individuals choose to receive a treatment abroad due to one, few or all of these factors:

  • High quality;
  • Low cost;
  • Short or no waiting times;
  • All inclusive care;
  • More privacy;
  • New country/culture experience.

How Do The Cost Differ In Medical Procedures Abroad?

The cost difference depends on the type of your medical procedure. The cost of a procedure is typically 50-80% less in our selected countries as compared to others. The greatest difference in the cost of procedure is found in cardiac procedures which is 75-90% less in our countries. You can expect a procedure to cost you less than or equal to $5000 if it is for $10,000 in other countries.

  • High quality;
  • Low cost;
  • Short or no waiting times;
  • All inclusive care;
  • More privacy;
  • New country/culture experience.

How Do The Cost Differ In Medical Procedures Abroad?

The cost difference depends on the type of your medical procedure. The cost of a procedure is typically 50-80% less in our selected countries as compared to others. The greatest difference in the cost of procedure is found in cardiac procedures which is 75-90% less in our countries. You can expect a procedure to cost you less than or equal to $5000 if it is for $10,000 in other countries.

How Do The Cost Differ In Medical Procedures Abroad?

The cost difference depends on the type of your medical procedure. The cost of a procedure is typically 50-80% less in our selected countries as compared to others. The greatest difference in the cost of procedure is found in cardiac procedures which is 75-90% less in our countries. You can expect a procedure to cost you less than or equal to $5000 if it is for $10,000 in other countries.

How To Get Medical Opinion And Cost Of The Treatment?

Patient's case history/ current clinical reports/ scans & details of previous treatment taken can be shared with us for the evaluation by our team of expert doctors which would enable us to provide the cost and treatment plan before the patient's arrival.

Do You Provide Visa Invitation Letter?

Yes, we do provide visa assistance letter after receiving the passport details of the patient and attendant(s) to enable in obtaining the medical visa.

For a visa request letter, please send us the following:

  • Passport scans of the patient and all accompanying attendants. The name should be visible, and expiry date of passport should be at least eight months away.
  • Please mention the date of travel and type of surgery or treatment advised.
  • Please specify the name of the embassy in which you will file the letter so we can address the visa letter to them and send them the hard copy.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery in India

What Is Cardiac Bypass Surgery?

Cardiac bypass surgery is a procedure that restores the flow of the blood to the heart, when there obstruction occurs due to blockages in one or more arteries. These arteries are bypassed by using blood vessels taken from the other parts of the body like chest and legs. The blood vessels bypasses over the blocked artery to create new pathways for oxygen-rich blood to flow to the heart. These blood vessels restore and improve the blood flow to the heart. This surgery is usually performed with the heart stopped, necessitating the usage of cardiopulmonary bypass; techniques are available to perform bypass surgery on a beating heart, so-called "off-pump" surgery. Depending on the number of blocked coronary arteries, a patient may need one, two, three or more bypasses.

Conditions for Cardiac Bypass Surgery:

Cardiac Bypass Surgery is required in following conditions-

  • Patient has a blockage in one or more of his/her coronary arteries. Coronary arteries are the small blood vessels that supply your heart with oxygen and nutrients that are carried in your blood.
  • If a patient has one or more artery severely narrowed and obstructing the blood flow and a weak pumping heart.
  • Patient has an artery blockage for which angioplasty isn't appropriate and had a previous angioplasty or stent placement that hasn't been successful, or had stent placement but the artery has narrowed again.
  • Cardiac bypass surgery is also done in emergencies conditions like heart attack when other treatments are not responding.

The goals of cardiac bypass surgery is to relieve symptoms of coronary artery disease such as chest pain (angina) and /or shortness of breath (including angina), which enables the patient to resume a normal lifestyle and to lower the risk of a heart attack or other heart problems.

Risk Factors Related to Cardiac Bypass Surgery:

There are risks and complications associated with the procedure which should be considered before going for Cardiac bypass surgery and those include:-

  • Chest wound infection
  • Low-grade fever and chest pain
  • Loss of mental clarity, or "fuzzy thinking"
  • Heart rhythm problems

Patient's risk of developing these complications depends on the overall health and lifestyle before the surgery.

Success Rate of Cardiac Bypass Surgery:

The success rate of cardiac bypass surgery depends on following factors which are considered while selecting surgery procedure on an individual basis.

  • The success rate for cardiac bypass surgery is 98%.
  • According to studies in many patients with poor heart muscle function - resulting from a heart attack - the poor function improves after the procedure.
  • Success rate depends on the risk factors such as kidney problems, diabetes or hypertension. Lower the risk factors higher the success rate of cardiac bypass surgery.
  • A lower risk of stroke
  • Fewer problems with memory loss and thinking skills
  • Lower death rate - especially among women and "high risk" patients
  • Less need for transfusion
  • Reduced injury to the heart
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Fewer heart rhythm problems

Preparations before Cardiac Bypass Surgery Procedure:

Always patient should tell doctor or nurse what drugs he/she is taking, even drugs or herbs bought without a prescription.

During the days before your surgery:

  • For the 2-week period before surgery patient may be asked to stop taking drugs that make it harder for his/her blood to clot. These might cause increased bleeding during the surgery. They include aspirin, ibuprofen (such as Advil and Motrin), naproxen (such as Aleve and Naprosyn), and other similar drugs. If patient is taking clopidogrel (Plavix), talk with surgeon about when to stop taking it.
  • Patient should ask doctor which drugs should still take on the day of the surgery.
  • Patient should contact doctor if have a cold, flu, fever, herpes breakout, or any other illness.

On the day of the surgery:

  • Patient will usually be asked not to drink or eat anything after midnight the night before surgery. This includes chewing gum and breath mints.
  • Patient is told to take any medications with a small sip of water.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery Procedure:

Patient will receive general anesthesia before the procedure starts. The surgeon will make a 10-inch surgical cut (incision) in the middle of the chest. Breastbone will be separated to create an opening so that surgeon can see heart and aorta, the main blood vessel leading from the heart to the rest of the body.

  • Surgeon may use a vein, called the saphenous vein, in patient's leg. To reach this vein, a surgical cut will be made along the inside of leg, between ankle and the groin. One end of the graft will be sewn to coronary artery. The other end will be sewn to an opening made in aorta.
  • A blood vessel in the chest, called the internal mammary artery (IMA), can also be used as the graft. One end of this artery is already connected to aorta. The other end is attached to the coronary artery.
  • Other arteries are also being used for grafts in bypass surgery. The most common one is the radial artery in one's wrist.

This surgery can take 4 to 6 hours. After the surgery, patient will be taken to the intensive care unit.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery Advantages:

  • In recent years, the risk of serious complications due to cardiac bypass has been dramatically reduced due to improved surgical techniques. After the bypass surgery patients can improve their health and lessen their likelihood of further cardiac disease.
  • After bypass surgery, the blood supply to the area of the heart that was previously restricted due to narrowing of the artery supplying that area is restored. The blocked artery has now been bypassed.
  • Bypass surgery often relieves symptoms of chest pain (angina), improves exercise performance, and reduces the risk of a future heart attack.
  • Cardiac bypass surgery may offer the advantages of greater durability and more complete revascularization.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery Alternative:

Alternatives to bypass surgery are usually based solely upon the results of an angiogram that show the presence of coronary artery disease. Most are grossly undertreated with alternative modern medications and other bypass surgery alternatives such as exercise, weight loss, cessation of smoking and stress and blood pressure control. Patient can consider the option of MIDCAB when the blockage is in the arteries located on the left anterior descending (LAD) artery. This artery and its branches are located on the front of the heart. This procedure can only be used when there are no more than two bypasses required.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery India:

  • India offers treatment of various complicated diseases at a very reasonable cost. India has become the healthcare hub for international patients as it provides with the latest in medical treatment facilities and best services making it easy and comfortable.
  • Healthcare in India excels in treatments relating to cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement, transplants, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, and urology to name a few.
  • Indian medical institutes offer gamut of services ranging from general medicine & surgery for many diseases and complications.
  • Cardiac bypass surgery is available in major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Goa, Kerala, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. These cities have world class hospitals that attract a huge crowd of international patients who opt for low cost cardiac bypass surgery in India other than home country.

Cardiac Bypass Surgery Cost:

The cost of Cardiac bypass surgery in India is much lower than that in any other developed country. International patients visit India for the procedure as they get it done at a cost which is competitive and reasonable. Here is the cost comparison of treatment in India and other countries.


USA ($)

Thailand ($)

Singapore ($)

India ($)

Cardiac Bypass





Cardiac Bypass Surgery in India-Go with Surgery tours India:

Patient doesn't have to worry about the arrangement while deciding for cardiac bypass surgery in India with Surgery tours India. Biogenique  will take care of all the arrangements like travelling, finding a surgeon, accommodation and help in visa procedures too. Patient has to just send a query related to the surgery then Biogenique  assistants will contact within 24 hours and they will take care of rest of the procedures.

Colon Cancer: Causes, & Cost Treatment In India

Colon & rectum are the endpoints of the large intestine. Cancer that affects colon is called Colon Cancer. If it affects both colon & rectum then it is called colorectal cancer . This cancer is the 3rd leading cause of concern in men & 4th leading cause in women. When localized to bowel region this cancer is often curable & very much treatable. With surgery chances of life expectancy is more, however reoccurrence following surgery can be fatal & often causing death.

What Is Colon Cancer?

This cancer starts from the inner wall of large intestine which begins as a small polyp. These abnormal cells have the ability to spread to the other parts of body. Also gastrointestinal stromal tumors can occur in the colon. The polyps can be detected with the regular screening or colonoscopy or done by barium enema with biopsy confirmation of cancer tissue.

Causes of Colon Cancer

The leading cause of colon cancer is genetics i.e. this group accounts for 25% of colorectal cancers since it includes familial polyposis, hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer (HNPCC) or Lynch syndrome variants I & II, history of ulcerative colitis or Crohn's colitis & history of ovarian, endometrial, or breast cancer.

Colon Cancer Symptoms

Colon Cancer Symptoms Are -

  • Change in bowel habits
  • Bleeding
  • Constipation or diarrhoea
  • Unable to empty bowel completely
  • An urgency to move bowels
  • Rectal cramping or bleeding
  • Dark patches of blood in or on stool
  • Long, thin, "pencil stools"
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Pelvic pain

Types of Colon Cancer

The most common type of colon cancer is Adenocarcinoma. It is an intestinal gland cells cancer which represent more than 95 percent of colon & rectal cancers.

Types of Adenocarcinoma

  • Mucinous Adenocarcinoma where 60% is mucus & account for 10 - 15 percent of all colon & rectal adenocarcinomas.
  • Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma is typically aggressive difficult to treat & accounts for less than one percent of adenocarcinomas.

Other Colon Cancer Types

  • Gastrointestinal Carcinoid Tumors
  • Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors
  • Primary Colorectal Lymphoma
  • Leiomyosarcoma
  • Melanoma
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Treatment Options & Procedure for Colon Cancer

Colon cancer treatment in India depends on the stage of the diseases in spite of the shape and size of the tumor. Various treatment options are available to cure the colon cancer like-


This is the most common treatment for colorectal cancer and is known as surgical resection. The procedure includes removal of colon tumor and nearby lymph nodes.

Radiation Therapy:

The high-energy x-rays are used to destroy the cancer cells in radiation therapy. The beam of high-energy rays is focused on the tumor to kill the cancer cells of the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissues and cells.


The cancer cells are destroyed using drugs which stop the growing and dividing ability of the cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given through pills and capsules that are swallowed or through the intravenous tube placed into the vein.

Targeted Therapy:

This treatment targets the cancer-specific genes, proteins or the tissue environment that contributes the growth of cancer and survival. The procedure blocks the growth and spread of cancer cells while limiting the damage to the healthy ones.

Cost of Colon Cancer Treatment

Everything about a cancer is expensive no matter if it is in terms of finance, emotions, mental strength or the courage to fight the disease. The increasing cost cancer drugs and treatments are quite irritating. The cost of colon cancer treatment isn't just affecting the patients and their families but also the society. If the patients are global, they would be spending somewhere about 60-70% more than Indian counterparts for the whole procedure. India is among a few inexpensive destinations of the world for cancer treatment. The patients have to choose smartly between more successful expensive treatments and less effective affordable treatments. Cancer affects people far more financially than they usually realize. India is the one stop solution for low-cost affordable treatment for colon cancer and with passing time it is emerging as a prime destination for medical tourism due to its positive outcomes. Making a smart move while choosing the hospital, country, doctor and insurance policy can allow the patient to get treated in fair amount without hampering the financial and personal life.

Benefits of Colon Cancer Treatment

Surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy are the main treatment options for Colon Cancer. In surgery there is complete removal of colon cancer for relieving its symptoms. It is the most effective treatment for early stage colon cancers to increase life expectancy. Chemotherapy & radiation will kill or shrink the growth of cancer or extend & improve overall patient's quality of life.

Why People Choose India for Colon Cancer Treatment?

India is a favoured destination for all types of surgeries right from traditional to minimal invasive. Medical facilities & laboratories here have set-up modern computerized equipments so as to perform expert diagnostics & surgeries. There are many premium, accredited & super specialty hospitals with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Overall, surgery along with post-operative care, costs are quite affordable in India. Doctors are highly trained in various types of surgical procedures. Hospital staff attends patients round the clock & keep check of all their medical needs.

Find the Best Colon Cancer Treatment & Surgery in India

Biogenique  helps you find the best colon & rectal cancer treatment & surgical solution in India. We provide outstanding medical facilities & cost effective treatment packages from top healthcare giants like Apollo, Fortis,Venkateshwar,Kauvery,Artemis Health Institute, Max Healthcare & many more. We have access to top-notch oncologists & colorectal cancer experts. We always ensure that you receive transparent, high-quality, seamless, affordable & hassle-free extensive range of treatments & services.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery India

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair

A laparoscopic hernia repair is basically a minimally invasive surgical procedure used in repair of most types of hernia. A hernia is caused when the internal organs or tissues bulge out and can be seen straining against the abdominal wall noticeably.

Hernias are seen in various parts of the body such as abdomen, diaphragm, groin, brain and at previous surgery sites. Many different methods are used to treat or repair hernia including hernioplasty, herniorrhaphy and herniotomy although laparoscopic hernia repair is still considered to be most convenient and efficient than other traditional hernia repair methods.

A laparoscopic hernia repair procedure is used to treat various types of hernias such as umbilical hernia, femoral hernia, inguinal hernia, etc.

How is Laparoscopic Hernia Repair surgery performed?

A hernia repair surgery is to correct the abnormal bulge caused by bulging internal organ or tissue accumulation. The hernia repair may be performed using the more conventional open-type surgical method which is more time-consuming and extensive. The latest technique in repairing hernias is the minimally invasive surgical method known as 'laparoscopic hernia repair surgery'.

The laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is similar to other minimally invasive procedures. The surgery requires administering general anesthesia to the patient. A very small (keyhole) incision is made in the navel or just below it. The surgeon will fill carbon dioxide gas in the abdominal cavity through this incision in order to inflate it and get a better view of all the abdominal organs and tissues.

A thin and flexible tube (laparoscope) is inserted from this keyhole incision. This laparoscope is initially fitted with a cold light-source and a video camera at its end so the surgeon can get a good visual of the abdominal organs and tissues on the video monitor. The surgeon then uses specialized tiny surgical instruments attached to similar flexible tubes to perform the surgical procedure. This involves the surgeon repairing the hernia by pushing it back to its original position and preventing the bulging of the organ or the herniated tissue. After shifting the herniated tissue back into its original position the surgeon will use a surgical mesh to be fixed over the previously herniated tissue to prevent it from bulging out again in the future.

A laparoscopic hernia repair is known to be considerably less painful and also decreases the amount of time spent in the hospital as well as the recovery period.

Why is a Laparoscopic Hernia Repair required?

A laparoscopic hernia repair is one of the more convenient and efficient methods of repairing herniated organs and tissues, especially in the abdominal region. A surgical repair is required for painful hernias including strangulated or incarcerated hernias. For children with inguinal hernias a surgery is the most ideal treatment method.

Laparoscopic hernia repair is considered ideal for patients who are in an otherwise good overall health and without any serious underlying medical disorder or conditions. The surgeon/doctor will check your complete medical history as well as perform a physical examination to determine of you are fit to undergo a surgery.

Laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is not recommended for patients who:

  • Have incarcerated hernia
  • Have anesthetic allergy
  • Are hemophiliac (bleeding disorder)
  • Are on blood-thinning medication
  • Have had abdominal surgeries and scar tissue prevents efficient use of laparoscope
  • Are pregnant
  • Are morbidly obese

What are the advantages of a Laparoscopic Hernia Repair surgery?

A laparoscopic hernia repair surgery is advantageous over a conventional open-type hernia repair surgery because:

  • Laparoscopic surgery is fast becoming the choice of most patients about to undergo surgery due to less pain and discomfort seen after surgery as well as the faster rate of recovery associated with it
  • Recurrent hernia cases can be successfully repaired in a better way by using laparoscopic hernia repair as compared to conventional open-type hernia repair surgery
  • It allows you to simultaneously check for a second hernia and repair it during the same surgery
  • Cosmetically speaking, a laparoscopic surgical method is more preferable as it lessens the amount of scars after surgery too

What are the risks associated with a Laparoscopic Hernia Repair surgery?

A laparoscopic hernia repair surgery entails the commonly seen risks associated with a surgical procedure such as:

  • Anesthetic allergy
  • Pain in the testicles or in the spermatic cord
  • Damage to the spermatic cord may cause infertility
  • Fluid/blood accumulation in the scrotum, inguinal canal or the abdominal muscles
  • Bladder injury
  • Urinary difficulties
  • Infection at the incision site
  • Scar tissue formation at incision site
  • Internal organ damage/injury
  • Numb/painful thighs
  • Hernia recurrence

Generally, laparoscopic hernia repair is not recommended for patients who:

  • Are prone to blood clots (deep vein thrombosis)
  • Are habitual smokers
  • Are on aspirin medication
  • Take blood thinners
  • Are suffering from serious urinary problems

A laparoscopic hernia repair surgery requires smaller-sized and lesser number of incisions than that is required in a conventional open-type hernia repair surgery. A laparoscopic hernia repair can be used to repair hernias present on both sides at the same time through the same incisions. Laparoscope allows the surgeon to check the complete abdominal cavity for other herniated sites or similar damage to the organs.

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery in India with Surgery Tours India

Biogenique is a globally reputed healthcare service provider promoting Medical Tourism in India for international patients seeking affordable cost Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery in India beyond their homeland. Associated with the top doctors for Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Surgery Treatment in India along with having tie-ups with a wide network of accredited hospitals within the subcontinent, Biogenique is well placed to give you the best treatment package deals which are far more economical than their competitors. Biogenique assures you of the best healthcare services down to the minutest detail so as to give global medical tourists a hassle-free & memorable healthcare journey experience.

Pediatric Neurosurgery for Treating Neurological Disorders in Children

Childhood is a crucial phase because physical and psychological development during young age impacts overall life of an individual. Serious neurological impairments in children can limit their physical as well as mental growth and make them dependent on others for performing self-care tasks. Pediatric neurosurgery is a medical intervention which is used for treating nervous system, brain and spine disorders in children. It aims at providing relief to children struggling with various neurological conditions and improving their quality of life.

Conditions Which Can Be Treated with Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric neurosurgery can prove beneficial for treating the following neurological conditions in children. Parents must keep a check on their children in terms of their health and development. They should not delay in seeking a medical assistance on observing the following neurological problems in children.

  • Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMs) - Arteriovenous malformations refer to a condition which occurs when blood vessels that supply blood to brain get tangled in an abnormal way. It may lead to frequent headaches and seizures in children and degrade their life.
  • Brain Tumors - Brain tumors in children can result in a large range of health complications such as speech difficulties, loss of sensation and behavioral changes. Such tumors appear when abnormal mass of tissues and cells begin to accumulate in brain region.
  • Cerebral Palsy - Cerebral palsy can damage healthy brain cells and negatively affect motor function in children. It mainly occurs due to serious brain injury or trauma in early childhood.
  • Craniosynostosis - It is a birth defect which results due to abnormal closing of child's skull. Children suffering from craniosynostosis mostly have an abnormally shaped head.
  • Cerebral Aneurysms - Cerebral aneurysms in children may occur when blood vessels in their brain get swollen. Children suffering from cerebral aneurysms may encounter neck pain and headaches at regular intervals of time.
  • Hydrocephalus - This neurological condition emerges when cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) begins to create pressure on spinal cord and brain. Exact cause behind excessive accumulation of CSF is not known. But it may lead to bladder control issues, eyesight problems and personality changes in children.
  • Dystonia - Tremor is a primary indication of dystonia. Dystonia basically refers to several movement disorders that cause unusual posture and muscle spasms in children.
  • Down Syndrome - It is a genetic neurological condition that results in physical as well as mental disability in children. Children struggling with this problem may complain of neck pain every now and then.
  • Epilepsy - It is a serious nervous system disorder that leads to recurrent seizures and headaches in children. Intensity of seizures may vary for different children.
  • Spasticity - It can be simply defined as a muscle tone disorder. It may lead to abnormal contractions and stiffness of muscles which can eventually decrease functional ability of children.
  • Spina Bifida - It is a birth defect that occurs due to improper development of spinal cord of children. Numbness around legs and abnormal spine curvature are the most prominent symptoms of spina bifida.
  • Spinal Cord Tumors - These tumors result from formation and accumulation of abnormal tissues around spine and nearby areas. Such tumors can result in instability of spine and weaken body of children.

Preparing for Pediatric Neurosurgery

Parents must find out a well-qualified and adept pediatric neurosurgeon for ensuring positive results following treatment of their children.

  • Initial Appointment - During initial medical appointment, respective neurosurgeons may ask a couple of questions to parents. For instance, they may ask regarding medical history of children and the symptoms which are disturbing them.
  • Neurological Evaluation - It involves a complete inspection of functioning of nervous system of children. Neurosurgeons may ask children to perform simple activities like walking, standing, smelling something and so on. It will help them in understanding their sensory and motor functions.
  • Imaging Tests - Doctors may recommend certain imaging tests such as computed tomography, positron emission tomography, ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging scan in order to figure out exact underlying condition of brain and entire central nervous system. These tests are helpful in generating high resolution images of brain and underlying structures.

Depending on the results of diagnostic tests, respective neurosurgeons will outline a befitting neurosurgery for children. In addition to this, surgeons may advise parents to make dietary changes prior to the treatment of children.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Procedures

The following points describe some of the most widely performed pediatric neurosurgery procedures.

  • Endovascular Embolization - This neurosurgery can be performed for treating arteriovenous malformations. It involves the use of a sophisticated medical instrument known as a 'catheter'. Catheter has a camera on one end which guides doctors throughout the operation with a high degree of precision. During the surgical procedure, respective surgeons insert the catheter through groin of children for accessing the impaired arteries and blood vessels. After that, they inject a specialized material in these arteries which considerably minimizes the flow of blood through AVM.
  • Targeted Radiation Therapy - This procedure can be used for treating spinal cord tumors and brain tumors in children. It is a painless medical intervention that uses high-intensity radiation to destroy the harmful tumor cells. It specifically targets the areas where tumor is present and thus spares the surrounding healthy cells and tissues.
  • Corpus Callosotomy - This neurosurgery is particularly designed to treat seizures in children. Corpus callosum is a network of nerve fibers in brain that interlinks the two halves of brain. During a corpus callosotomy, respective doctors remove the skull for reaching out to brain of children. After that, they make a cut in underlying corpus callosum to break the fibrous connection of two regions of brain. It reduces the intensity as well as frequency of seizures in children to a great extent.
  • Brain Tumor Surgery - A brain tumor surgery involves making an incision in skull so as to access the brain. Respective doctors carefully inspect the internal areas, remove the tumors and close the incision. They may monitor children for some time in order to ensure their safety.
  • Microvascular Clipping - This procedure is performed to treat cerebral aneurysms in children. Surgeons remove a small region of skull for reaching the desired location in brain. They may use a microscope or x-rays to serve the purpose and carefully insert a clip for clamping the trouble-causing arteries or blood vessels. This clipping technique can significantly prevent rupturing of cerebral aneurysms.
  • Rhizotomy - Rhizotomy surgery can help in treating neurological conditions like spasticity and cerebral palsy. It involves cutting the nerve fibers that lead to unwanted spasms and contractions. In most instances, doctors use an electrical stimulation for destroying the nerves fibers and eliminating intense nerve pain in children.
  • Spinal Fusion - It can provide relief from symptoms of Down syndrome such as severe neck pain. It involves fusing or joining two spinal vertebras for stabilizing the painful neck condition in children. Doctors mostly use rods and metal plates to hold the bone in proper position until it fuses completely.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) - It can be performed to treat conditions such as tremors, epilepsy and dystonia. DBS involves insertion of medical instruments known as electrodes in child's brain. Surgeons interconnects these electrodes with a battery which is implanted near chest of children. This battery generates electrical impulses for controlling the symptoms of dystonia or tremors in children.
  • Shunt Placement Surgery - This procedure is highly beneficial for children suffering from hydrocephalus and seizures. It involves making a small incision in skull as well as near ear of children. Surgeons use two catheters during the operation. One catheter is inserted through an opening near ear that extends to chest and abdomen and other is inserted into an opening in skull. They connect a small pump to these catheters for extracting excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid. Whenever CSF level increases and creates pressure in brain or spinal cord, the pump gets activated and routes the CSF to abdominal cavity of children.

Risks and Complications Associated with Pediatric Neurosurgery

The following list elaborates some general risks and complications which may occur during postoperative period.

  • Infection - A serious infection may occur around incision site. Parents must seek a prompt medical assistance for controlling this issue.
  • Swelling - Children may encounter pain and swelling around the operated brain area.
  • Bleeding - In rare instances, heavy bleeding may occur in brain of children.
  • Additional Issues - Some children may face coordination difficulties, vision problems and trouble speaking clearly. In such instances, doctors may refer the children to an occupational therapist.

Parents must ask regarding the possible measures that can reduce the risks of such complications prior to pediatric neurosurgery. It will significantly raise the chances of successful results in future.

Recovery Following Pediatric Neurosurgery

Hospital stay and recovery process will vary according to the type of pediatric neurosurgery and general health of children. Initially, children may experience pain and slight discomfort. Respective surgeons are likely to provide some medicines to help children cope with the uneasiness. They may order them to follow a basic exercising regime and eat a balanced diet comprising healthy food items. It will definitely increase their body strength and accelerate speedy and smooth recovery. Apart from this, parents should take their children for follow-up care sessions at regular time intervals.

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Surgery Tours India Medical Tourism is one of the renowned healthcare facilitators across the world. Medical experts at Biogenique  are associated with a large network of accredited clinical centers and top pediatric neurosurgeons in India that cater high-quality pediatric neurosurgery and other medical treatments to international patients. Pediatric neurosurgery cost in India is quite affordable as compared to western nations such as United States and Norway. Biogenique  offers a free online medical consultation to international patients for understanding their current health status and designs highly customized and cost-effective treatment packages for them. In addition to this, they assist global patients in obtaining medical visas and take care of them throughout their medical journey as well as during recovery period even when they fly back to their home countries. Biogenique  makes every possible effort for maximizing patient's quality of life. Therefore, international patients looking for finest pediatric neurosurgery in India can count on Biogenique  Medical Tourism for availing best beneficial outcomes.

Scoliosis Surgery in India | Scoliosis Surgery Cost India

Scoliosis Surgery in India

Scoliosis surgery in India is a great attraction for medical tourists because of excellent facilities and low costs of services. Scoliosis treatment in India is a good solution for scoliosis patients due to:

  • High quality medical care
  • Qualified, skilled and competent spine surgeons
  • Cost effectiveness and better communication due to no language barrier
  • Low cost of scoliosis surgery in India

Scoliosis: An Overview

Every person has a natural curve in their spine. The natural curvature makes the spine aligned slightly inward in the lower part of the back. But some people have a deformity in the alignment of the spine, therefore, making it appear curved from side to side. This sideways alignment of the spine curvature is known as scoliosis.

A rear view spine X-ray shows a straight line in the case of a normal individual. But the spine of a patient with scoliosis looks "S" or "C" shaped. A mild curvature ranges between 10 to 20 degrees, while a moderate curvature ranges between 20 and 50 degrees. On the other hand, a curvature of more than 50 degrees is considered as a severe spinal curvature.

Types of Scoliosis

Usually, scoliosis is differentiated on the basis of their cause. But sometimes the location of the spinal curvature may also be considered to differentiate scoliosis. Differentiation on the basis of cause: There are three types of scoliosis in this category:

Functional scoliosis: In this case, abnormality in the alignment arises due to a problem somewhere else in the body. Specific conditions such as a difference in the length of the legs, muscle spasms, or inflammatory conditions such as appendicitis may give rise to functional scoliosis.

Neuromuscular scoliosis: This condition develops at the time of bone or spine formation. Bones of the spine do not form completely or they fail to get separated from each other and remain fused during the development of the fetus. Neuromuscular scoliosis often results in C-shaped curvature and muscles eventually become weak while keeping the spine upright.

Degenerative scoliosis: Adults are more likely to get affected with degenerative scoliosis as it results because of problems such as spondylosis, osteoporosis, and disc degeneration. Abnormal bone spurs are present along with weak ligaments in the spine that may give rise to a diverged curvature of the spine.

Causes of Scoliosis

There can be many reasons for scoliosis, which can be categorised into:

Congenital: Congenital scoliosis is the scoliosis present by birth due to embryonic malformation of one or more vertebrae and can occur at any location of the spine. Since scoliosis is present by birth, it is diagnosed early in life.

Neuromuscular: Neuromuscular scoliosis is because of any neurological or muscular disease like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida. Neuromuscular scoliosis generally progresses very rapidly and needs surgery.

Idiopathic: When the exact cause of scoliosis is not known, it is ascribed as idiopathic. It accounts for 80% of all known cases of scoliosis and is usually detected during puberty.

Most cases of scoliosis are mild and do not require any surgery. However, some children develop deformities that continue to get severe as they grow, which can be disabling. Severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest making lung functioning difficult.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Following are symptoms of Scoliosis which should be taken into serious consideration:

  • Curvature of spine.
  • Irregular shoulders.
  • Asymmetric waistline.
  • One hip higher than the other.
  • The patient may experience pain in back or tire easily during physical activities.

Treatments for Scoliosis

Scoliosis treatment is primarily based on two aspects:

  • Skeletal growth of the patient.
  • Degree of spinal curve.

There are three major Scoliosis treatment options for patients which include Observation, Braces and Scoliosis Surgery. Exercise is primarily advised for Scoliosis patients to keep backside muscles flexible and strong. Surgery for adolescents suffering from Scoliosis is only suggested when their curves are more than 40 to 45 degrees and still continuing to progress. Unlike braces, which do not rectify already existing spinal curves, surgery can amend curvature by about 50%. Moreover, Scoliosis Surgery prevents further advancement of deformity. Main purpose of Scoliosis surgery is to minimize the patient's curve.

Aim of Scoliosis treatment in India is twofold.

  • Straighten the spine
  • Balancing physique for long term

Basically, there are two approaches to Scoliosis Surgery, first is an anterior approach & the other is posterior approach.

Anterior Surgery (from the front): It incorporates expulsion of intervertebral discs and rectification of deformity using screws and rods or bone grafts (taken from pelvis).

Posterior Surgery (from the back): It incorporates removal of some of the joints of spine and correction of deformity.

Scoliosis Treatment Surgeons in India

Scoliosis Surgery in India is conducted under the guidance of highly qualified and skilled spine surgeons. Most of the best surgeons for scoliosis treatment in India are qualified and trained from abroad. They attend seminars and training sessions around the year to update their skills and knowledge about the changing trends in the field of spine surgery.

A patient from abroad can seek consultation from a leading scoliosis treatment surgeon in India by getting in touch with any multispecialty hospital of their choice. The best scoliosis treatment specialists in India practice both as independent doctors and in association with the best spine surgery hospitals in India.

The best specialists for spine surgery in India are globally renowned for their years of experience and skills. So far, they have together treated thousands of patients from within India and abroad.

Top Hospitals for Scoliosis Spine Surgery in India

  • Venkateshwar Hospital, New Delhi
  • Indian Spinal Injuries Center, New Delhi
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi
  • Medanta - The Medicity, Gurgaon
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi
  • BLK Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi

Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India

The Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India is highly affordable and just a fraction of what it costs in other nations. This is especially true of the Western nations, including the US and the UK. The Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India, however, differs from one hospital to another and from one city to the other. The cost of scoliosis surgery in Delhi may differ from what the same procedure costs in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Chennai. The Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India further depends on the type of treatment suggested by the doctor. There are different types of surgeries used to treat scoliosis and the doctor may suggest any one of them, depending on the condition of the patient and the diagnosis made. In addition, the total cost of scoliosis surgery in India depends on several other factors, including the duration of hospital stay, surgeon's fees, anesthesia cost, cost of additional medical tests or side procedures, and hospital charges.

The Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India remains the lowest in the world even when all these factors are considered apart from the accommodation and boarding expenses. Spinal fusion, posterior back surgery, and thoracoplasty are the three most common surgical approaches used for the treatment of scoliosis in India. The Scoliosis Surgery Cost in India ranges starts from $8000 and the cost of posterior back surgery in India starts from $4000. On the other hand, thoracoplasty cost in India starts from $2500.

Why India for Scoliosis Surgery?

Excellent Quality Health Care

One of the reasons why an increasing number of medical tourists are flocking to India is the high level of services provided by Indian medical facilities. There are a number of hospitals in India with Joint Commission International accreditation, which stipulates strict adherence to quality and safety standards. Indian hospitals have latest, state-of-the-art equipment. For patients wanting to cut down waiting time, Indian hospitals are a good choice.

Well qualified and Highly Competent Doctors

Indian doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and are known for their high competence levels. Patients undergo treatments by certified doctors having affiliation with various boards and medical associations.

No language Barrier

Language is not a barrier in India. Majority of the Indian doctors and medical staff are proficient in speaking English. This makes it easier for foreign nationals to relate to and communicate effectively with the doctors and their staff.

Cost Advantage

Another benefit of undergoing Scoliosis Surgery in India is the cost advantage enjoyed by medical tourists. Cost of scoliosis surgery in India is a fraction of what it costs in the U.S.A. One can undergo advanced treatments at affordable rates in India. Even after taking into consideration travel expenses, one can still save substantially by opting for Indian hospitals. Free quotes for planning medical trips to India can be obtained from medical tourism websites.

Scoliosis Surgery in India with Surgery Tours India

Biogenique  is a globally reputed healthcare service provider promoting Medical Tourism in India for international patients seeking affordable cost Scoliosis Surgery in India beyond their homeland. Associated with the top doctors for Scoliosis Spine Surgery Treatment in India along with having tie-ups with a wide network of accredited hospitals within the subcontinent, Biogenique  is well placed to give you the best treatment package deals which are far more economical than their competitors. Biogenique  assures you of the best healthcare services down to the minutest detail so as to give global medical tourists a hassle-free & memorable healthcare journey experience.

ASD Closure Surgery in India: Surgeries and Devices Used For Treatment

What is an ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) Closure?

An atrial septal defect (ASD) is caused when the person's heart develops a hole in the wall that divides the atrial chambers (upper two chambers) of the heart. This results in the mixing of oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood that is likely to cause certain complications that affect the heart and lungs in the affected person.

A large ASD is also known to cause severe complications such as:

  • Heart stroke risk
  • Arrhythmia
  • Heart failure of the right-hand side
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Eisenmenger syndrome

What are the types of devices and surgeries used to treat Atrial Septal Defect (ASD)?

The treatment method and the device to be used to perform a successful and efficient atrial septal defect (ASD) is dependent on a number of factors that basically deal with the size of the hole as well as the general overall health of the patient.

Medications can be prescribed to relieve some of the discomforting signs and symptoms that arise due to atrial septal defect (ASD). Medications can also decrease the risk of other complications to arise after the surgery such as anticoagulants to prevent blood clot as well as beta blockers to prevent arrhythmia.

The treatment method to perform an ASD closure involves surgery and is usually suggested to be done as soon as the ASD is detected to prevent further complications from arising in the future. Surgical method of treating is used to treat medium to large sized atrial septal holes.

These are the two main types of surgical treatments that are recommended for ASD closure:

Cardiac catheterization

This surgery involves inserting a catheter (thin surgical tube) into the groin area and guiding it to the heart using imaging technology. This catheter is then used to block and close the hole in the atrial region of the heart using a plug or a mesh patch. The mesh acts as a support for tissue to grow around the hole and eventually seal it.

This method is efficient in repairing secundum atrial septal defects and may not be successful in repairing larger sized atrial septal defects.

Open-heart surgery

This is a major form of surgery requiring the surgeon to administer general anesthesia and putting the patient on a heart-lung machine during the surgery period.

The surgeon makes an incision in the chest (sternum) area and invades the heart to seal the ASD hole with an artificial patch. Primum, sinus venosus and coronary sinus types of ASD are treated using an open-heart surgery method.

This treatment can also be performed using minimally invasive techniques that require smaller incisions to reach the heart and fix the patch to seal the hole in the atrial region of the heart.

Why choose to get Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure surgery in India?

The cardio-specialist doctors and cardiac surgeons in India are well known for their proficiency and experience in treating all types of major and severe cardiac complications and defects. These surgeons and doctors are supported by a well-trained medical staff that makes the surgery more successful. On top of that the wide network of cardiac-specialty hospitals and clinics in major cities of India are all equipped with the latest and most modern surgical instruments that ensures better efficiency by the doctors.

Why to connect with Biogenique Medical Tourism Consultants to get ASD closure treatment in India?

Surgery Tours India Medical Tourism Consultants have been the forerunners in managing treatment of Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure cases since a long time. The efficient team of experts is well known for providing all possible and required support to the patient and their family on the tour for treatment in India. Biogenique  consultants are a team of experts who are well-experienced in handling simple as well as complex cases of Heart Surgeries including ASD Closure and have sent home thousands of foreign patients with successful treatment till date.

Get the Most Efficient and Successful Renal Transplantation in India with | Surgery Tours India

Renal transplantation, also known as kidney transplantation, is a major surgical procedure which allows for replacing the damaged or malfunctioning kidney with a healthy donor kidney. The donor kidney could be harvested from a live donor or a cadaver.

Carotid Angioplasty: How It Is Done by Expert Surgeons?

A carotid angioplasty is a surgical procedure that is helpful in unblocking a clogged carotid artery. This surgery is also useful in treating a stroke and works by restoring the affected blood supply in the damaged carotid artery.

Neuroendoscopy - A Minimally Invasive Way of Brain Tumor Surgery

Neuroendoscopy is one of the most advanced minimally invasive brain surgery methods available today. This is a least invasive brain surgery method which is mostly used to successfully treat brain tumors in a person.

Skin Cancer Treatment in India

Skin Cancer is a cancer that forms in the tissues of the skin. It grows uncontrollably and affects the normal function of the skin. If left unchecked it can spread to other parts of the body. Most skin cancers form in older people on parts of the body exposed to the sun or in people who have weakened immune systems. Skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, but it is most common when the skin is often exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neck, hands, and arms.

Bladder Cancer - Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers. It occurs in men more frequently than in women and usually affect older adults, though it can happen at any age. Bladder cancer most often begins in the transitional epithelium, the cells that line the bladder. Although it is most common in the bladder, the same type of cancer can occur in the other parts of the urinary tract drainage system.

Low Cost Herniated Disc Surgery

A herniated disk is the problem with one of the disks that act as cushions between individual vertebrae that comprises to make the spine. A spinal disk has a soft center encased within a tough exterior. A herniated disk occurs when some of the soft part.

Biogenique Case Management approach: First Time in India

Biogenique manages your case by Medical Case Management approach and delivers comprehensive care by bringing together different groups and professionals involved in patient care. We do not hand you over to a single hospital/ doctor. At Surgery Tours India, our medical case management services provide those facing a serious medical problem with integrated medical care including evidence-based medical information, close guidance and medical support. This support is given throughout the entire process, from diagnosis through to recovery; our case managers follow every patient all the time. Biogenique Case Management ensures customized and personalized services that are tailored to patient and clients' unique needs.

When you first arrive in India, you will be assigned a case manager, who is your advocate throughout the entire treatment process. Your case manager is available 24/7 in case you have any questions, need clarification or would just like to talk.

Biogenique supports you in making right treatment decisions

Choosing the best doctor and right hospital is one of the most important decisions you make in your treatment journey. You owe it to yourself to find the finest treatment available for the type of disease you have. Biogenique helps you in selecting the best and most appropriate doctor and hospital for your treatment in India.

Biogenique helps you in choosing the right facility

Biogenique helps you in selecting the right treatment facility. Med access helps you in choosing what is most required for your case. We provide you all kind of facilities which are necessary for your smooth and stress-free treatment.

Biogenique provides complete treatment management services with our partners in India

A Comprehensive Evaluation of your case

Within the first few days of your arrival in India, you'll meet with two to three selected top most doctors, specialists in your case, who will review your medical history, perform health assessments and recommend diagnostic tests. We will arrange for complete array of diagnostic tests and blood investigations on OPD basis. Once we have all the investigations reports, we obtain multiple opinions on your case to determine the exact diagnosis.

A Customized Treatment plans

Based on the diagnosis, doctors' team will discuss various treatment options available for your case. Then they will develop your customized treatment plan and aggressively target the treatment with advanced technology. Your treatment will start immediately or you can take some time to evaluate your treatment options. We're here to answer your questions or schedule your appointments when you're ready.

Assured Outcomes

Biogenique single point focus is the positive and best treatment outcomes.

Guaranteed Quality

Biogenique help patients maintain the highest treatment quality standards by seeking multiple opinions, selection of highly skilled and experienced doctors on case-to-case basis, selection of appropriate and world class facilities and complete monitoring & control of the treatment process.

Through Surgery Tours India: No waiting times or delays for your treatment

We understand that waiting for your treatment can create a great deal of stress. To ease anxiety and help begin your treatment sooner, we book all your appointment on priority basis, so that you don't have to worry about treatment part. Our case manager will communicate all the happenings related to your case, so that you are aware what is going to next.

Our turnaround time goal- once we have all the diagnosis report, your line of treatment is decided by specialist just in 12 hours.

Biogenique adds comfort to your care

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment in India. Our assigned case manager is dedicated to provide all the assistance you need. Our case manager will be available for you right from booking the appointment with doctor to discussing your case with various specializations, so that you are most comfortable through your entire treatment journey. Case manager is always there with you before, during and after the surgery to make sure that you receive utmost care and treatment.

Speed of care

We don't waste your time; your treatment starts immediately as you reach in hospital. Your appointment with doctor is already fixed. Your primary doctor meets you first and then other doctors keep involving as per the requirement. Primary doctor is the one-point contact for entire treatment journey. All the diagnosis is available in 2 days (unless complex cases which requires long duration) and surgery is fixed within 24 hours after doctors sees the reports.

Why Biogenique Treatment Management System

Biogenique offers comprehensive & professional management of your entire treatment in India

We work hard on every aspect of your case, much before you make up your mind for medical treatment in India

  • We manage your case by' Medical Case Management' process.
  • We seek online multiples opinions from best doctors once we get your medical query.
  • We ensure that right diagnosis & treatment plan with best negotiated, lower than market rate cost estimates are managed from the hospitals and doctors.
  • No waiting list We help patients in making informed decisions by connecting patients with the doctors on SKYPE so that all questions are answered and all issues are addressed for his hassle-free treatment journey to India.

Biogenique Treatment Management

We do not just help you we professionally manage your entire treatment in India

  • We put your case in the hands of the right medical experts and guarantee the "Best Doctors", experts in your particular condition
  • We ensure that only India's top specialists review your medical case and provide an in-depth analysis of your case, so that you can be sure you have "right, reliable and accurate diagnosis".
  • We seek "multiple opinions" from three top most doctors on OPD basis, once you arrive in India.
  • We make sure that you have considered different options and opinions to arrive at the "correct treatment plan".
  • Our Case Mangers provide total supervision, coordination and monitoring to ensure that your "treatment is on right track"
  • We help you to achieve the best treatment outcome, remove errors and avoid unwanted surgeries.

Our Oath to You

Biogenique will assist you with our partner carefree and relaxed treatment journey to India

"You focus on your healing and rest is managed by Surgery Tours India"

  • Complete ownership of the patient
  • Total end to end professional management of the entire treatment
  • Best managed quality treatment for every patient
  • Affordable, committed and lower than market cost guaranteed
  • Ethical treatment practices ensured
  • Misdiagnosis and unnecessary duplication of services avoided
  • Medical errors and avoidable surgeries prevented
  • Efficient and effective management of the entire process
  • Positive treatment outcome, best possible for each case is assured

Our Approach to Biogenique make the healthcare delivery and management patient-centric

At Surgery Tours India, we place our patients at the centre of care and develop services that revolve around them. Biogenique is for the patients and with the patients throughout the treatment process.

To be truly healing and effective, health care must be delivered in a way that is sensitive to patients' concerns and comfort, is responsive to their personal values and preferences, and actively involves patients and family members in shared decision making about their care.

Our vision for a health care system organized around the patient perspective was and continues to be the driving force of Surgery Tours India.

Biogenique Coordinated Care

At Biogenique, the care is not fragmented. We take an integrated, holistic approach to coordinating treatments for our patients. We serve as an advocate for the patient to ensure that all aspects of their care during the treatment are addressed comprehensively and appropriately. Biogenique Case management is the complete solution to the fragmented care.

Biogenique Passion


Moving a step further, our conviction is that one hospital cannot have all the best doctors for all super specialities working for them. Now in order to offer the best possible treatment solutions, we prefer to take "Doctor to hospital approach" which means that we select to work with only those best and appropriate hospitals where these selected best doctor work.


Biogenique believes in seeking multiple opinions on each complex case to arrive at the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan.


The right doctor, the right hospital, the right diagnosis and right line of treatment always avoids misdiagnosis and unnecessary surgeries and results in best and positive outcomes.

Biogenique Money Management

Negotiating best prices, meticulous monitoring and total management of money matters is the critical aspect of the total process management at Biogenique. This helps patients in paying reasonable prices for their treatment.

Surgeries & Treatments done in India:
  • Heart Surgery, Cardiology Treatment, Coronary Angiography
  • Bone Marrow Treatment in India
  • Liver Transplant in India
  • Kidney Transplant in India
  • Eye Surgery in India
  • Cosmetic Surgery in India 

Treatments and Pregnancy

  • Cancer Surgery Treatment in India
  • Breast Cancer Treatment in India
  • Brain Tumor Surgery in India
  • Neurosurgery in India
  • IVF Treatment in India
  • Knee Replacement in India
  • Weight Loss surgery in India
  • Hip Replacement Surgery in India

Surgeries & Treatments by Doctors in India:

  1. Cardiology Surgery
    1. Coronary Angiography
    2. Coronary Angioplasty
    3. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    4. Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    5. Vascular Surgery
    6. Heart Valve Replacement
    7. Cardiac Diagnostic Services
    8. Heart Transplant
  2. Cancer Surgery
    1. Breast Cancer
    2. Prostate Cancer
    3. Uterine Cancer
    4. Kidney Cancer
    5. Gastric Cancer
    6. Thyroid Cancer
    7. Intestine Cancer
  3. Bariatric (Weight Loss)
    1. Gastric Banding
    2. Gastric Bypass
    3. Gastric Bypass Diet
    4. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
    5. Duodenal Switch
  4. Transplant Surgery
    1. Liver Transplant
    2. Kidney Transplant
    3. Bone Marrow Transplant
    4. Corneal Transplant
    5. Heart Transplant
    6. Guidelines for Liver Transplant
    7. Guidelines for Kidney Transplant
    8. Organs Transplant Laws in India
    9. Check List For Related Donors
  5. Neuro and Spine Surgery
    1. Neuro Surgery
    2. Neurology
    3. Headache Treatments
    4. Epilepsy Treatment
    5. Brain Surgery Treatment
    6. Brain Tumors Treatment
    7. Spinal Fusion, Decompression & Arthroplasty
    8. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    9. Herniated Disc Surgery
    10. Hydrocephalus
    11. Intracranial Aneurysm surgery
    12. Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Surgery
    13. Spina Bifida
    14. Parkinson's Disease
    15. Spinal Cord Injury treatment
    16. Craniosynostosis
    17. Carotid Artery Disease
    18. Stroke
    19. Pediatric Neurosurgery
    20. Spinal Tumor Surgery
    21. Brain Aneurysm Treatment
    22. Micro Discectomy
    23. Spinal Laminectomy
    24. Endovascular Embolization
  6. Ophthalmology Surgery
    1. Eye Surgery in India
    2. Laser Eye Surgery India
    3. LASIK Laser Eye Surgery
    4. Vision Correction
    5. Pediatric Ophthalmology
    6. Cataract Surgery
    7. Refractive Corneal Surgery
    8. Glaucoma
    9. Cosmetic Eye Surgery
    10. Eye Cancer
    11. Neuro Ophthalmology
    12. Diabetic Retinopathy
    13. Dry Eye Treatment
    14. Retinal Detachment
    15. Age Related Macular Degeneration
    16. INTACS
    17. Refractive Surgery
    18. Vitrectomy
    19. Uveitis
  7. Infertility Treatment
    1. IVF Treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization)
    2. Assisted Reproduction
    3. Assisted Hatching
    4. IUI (Artificial Insemination)
  8. Orthopedics Surgery
    1. Knee Replacement Surgery
    2. Hip Replacement Surgery
    3. Foot and Ankle surgery
    4. Hand Wrist Surgery
    5. Shoulder Surgery
    6. Arthroscopic Surgery
    7. Cervical Surgery
    8. Bunion Surgery
    9. Ilizarov Technique
    10. Fusion Surgery
    11. Elbow Surgery
    12. Pediatric Orthopaedics
    13. Orthopaedic Oncology
    14. Robotic Orthopedic Surgery
    15. Tendon Repair
  9. Stem Cell Treatment
    1. Orthopedic Stem Cells
    2. Neural Stem Cells
    3. Endocrine Stem Cells
    4. Cosmetic Stem Cells
  10. Urology
    1. Endoscopic Surgery
    3. OIU (Optical Internal Urethrotomy)
    4. BNI (Bladder Neck Incision)
    5. Endopyelotomy
    6. Radical Nephrectomy
    7. Radical Prostatectomy
    8. Partial Penectomy
    9. Total Penectomy
    10. Prostrate Biopsy
    11. Bladder Biopsy
    12. Vasectomy
    13. Nephrology
    14. Cholecystectomy
    15. Renal Failure
    16. Cystoscopy
    17. Nephrotic Syndrome
    18. Cystic Fibrosis
    19. Amyloidosis
  11. Ear Nose Throat
    1. Stapedotomy
    2. Tympanoplasty
    3. Ossiculoplasty
    4. Cochlear Implant
    5. Laryngectomy
    6. Thyroplasty
    7. Neck Block Dissections
    8. Micro Laryngeal Surgery
    9. Nasal Surgery
    10. Sinus Surgery
    11. Myringotomy
    12. Nasal Polyps
    13. Turbinate’s of Nose- Resection
    14. Tonsillectomy
    15. Septoplasty
  12. Dental Procedure
    1. Root Canal Treatment
    2. Apicoectomy
    3. Periodontal Flap Surgery
    4. Bone Grafting Surgery
    5. Dental Implant
    6. Reconstructive Dentistry
    7. Cosmetic Smile Designing
    8. Laser dentistry
    9. Pediatric Dentistry
    10. Maxillofacial Surgery
  13. Cosmetic Surgery
    1. Blepharoplasty
    2. Liposuction
    3. Facelift Surgery
    4. Forehead Lift Surgery
    5. Breast Reduction Surgery
    6. Breast Augmentation Surgery
    7. Rhinoplasty
    8. Abdominoplasty
    9. Butt Surgery
    10. Chin Implant Surgery
    11. Cosmetic Laser Surgery
    12. Maxillofacial Surgery
    13. Vaser Procedure
    14. Surgical Hair Transplant
    15. Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

About Surgery and Treatment in India

We understand that, as someone living outside of India, seeking medical treatment in a new place can be confusing. But you can sit back and relax now because you are at the right place. We specialize in helping you find the best hospitals and doctors in India at affordable prices.

India has been rapidly emerging as a hub for highly qualified professionals in the field of medicine. The country is widely recognized for its competent doctors and surgeons and world-class medical facilities. We have tie-ups with many such hospitals and renowned surgeons. And our job is to help you reach speedy recovery by introducing you to the best possible doctors for your health problems.

Dealing with patient since over a decade, Biogenique has come a long way from being a medical care provider to an international medical tourism facility today. Biogenique follows the highest degree of ethics and international patient care protocol. This combined with the comfort of a three-four-star hotel and a tour of the Incredible India.

Our Passion

We strive to combine the highest standards of medical excellence and the best of service to create a global wellness company. Our aim is to offer surgery with maximum care and minimal invasion of body whenever possible.

Our Vision

To provide the best medical care internationally at the best prices and heal the body and the soul with a combination of medication, indulgence and travel.

Our Mission

  • Usage of latest medical equipment and technology
  • Most of our doctors are either trained, have worked or are associated abroad
  • Offer economic medical travel with best medical outcomes. We provide treatments at prices 50 percent to 80 percent lower than the U.S.A. or the U.K.
  • No waiting lists
  • Provide the best care possible including translators and dedicated staff throughout your stay
  • Provide private rooms, private chefs, translators and dedicated staff
  • Arrange picturesque tours across India

Doctor's Profile

With the presence of many talented and experienced doctors / surgeons in India, the country is fast proving itself to be a "global medical destination" that offers every treatment under the same roof. Cheap costs coupled with reliable treatment makes India a much-favored destination when it comes to medical tours. In fact, thousands of surgeries are done in India every year with results that are on par with the developed countries of the world. Equipped with international degrees these specialists ensure that you are cured of all your illness and go back to lead a normal life again. Be it neuro-surgeries or heart transplants, surgeons in India have shown their expertise many a time. No wonder, the chain of hospitals comes up as the first choice for those looking for the best of service, hospitality and surgeons in India.

Why Choose India Services for your treatment in India

Personalized, Value-added, Patient-centric Treatment Management

Biogenique Patient Centred Care model puts the patient at centre of care and focus is always on every single patient. Every activity revolves around that patient.

Experienced Partners

Our partners have more than 8 years of satisfying experience in successfully managing thousands of complex cases from all across the specialities.

Helps Patients make informed Decisions

We help patients making informed treatment decision.

Get all health services with our Health Partners in India

Complicated surgical procedures done by top most doctors having years of experience and hundreds of successive surgical procedures done- at the top most reputed NABH and NQAC accreditation hospitals with all modern health and comfort facilities, round the clock monitoring and personal care provided. Some of the most common surgical procedures include the following:

  • AppendectomyAn appendectomy is the surgical removal of the appendix, a small tube that branches off the large intestine, to treat acute appendicitis. Appendicitis is the acute inflammation of this tube due to infection.
  • Breast biopsyA biopsy is a diagnostic test involving the removal of tissue or cells for examination under a microscope. This procedure is also used to remove abnormal breast tissue. A biopsy may be done using a hollow needle to extract tissue (needle biopsy), or a lump may be partially or completely removed (lumpectomy) for examination and/or treatment.
  • Carotid endarterectomy. Carotid endarterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove blockage from carotid arteries, the arteries located in the neck that supply blood to the brain. Left untreated, a blocked carotid artery can lead to a stroke.
  • Cataract surgery. Cataracts cloud the normally clear lens of the eyes. Cataract surgery involves the removal of the cloudy lens, which is replaced with a clear artificial lens implant.
  • Cesarian section (also called a c-section). Cesarian section is the surgical delivery of a baby by an incision through the mother's abdomen and uterus. This procedure is done when doctors determine it a safer alternative than a vaginal delivery for the mother, baby, or both.
  • CholecystectomyA cholecystectomy is surgery to remove the gallbladder (a pear-shaped sac near the right lobe of the liver that holds bile). A gallbladder may need to be removed if the organ is prone to troublesome gallstones, if it is infected, or becomes cancerous.
  • Coronary artery bypassMost commonly referred to as simply "bypass surgery," this surgery is often done in people who have angina (chest pain) and coronary artery disease (where plaque has built up in the arteries). During the surgery, a bypass is created by grafting a piece of a vein above and below the blocked area of a coronary artery, enabling blood to flow around the obstruction. Veins are usually taken from the leg, but arteries from the chest may also be used to create a bypass graft.
  • Debridement of wound, burn, or infection. Debridement involves the surgical removal of foreign material and/or dead, damaged, or infected tissue from a wound or burn. By removing the diseased or dead tissue, healthy tissue is exposed to allow for more effective healing.
  • Dilation and curettage (also called D & C). A D&C is a minor operation in which the cervix is dilated (expanded) so that the cervical canal and uterine lining can be scraped with a curette (spoon-shaped instrument).
  • Free skin graft. A skin graft involves detaching healthy skin from one part of the body to repair areas of lost or damaged skin in another part of the body. Skin grafts are often done as a result of burns, injury, or surgical removal of diseased skin. They are most often done when the area is too large to be repaired by stitching or natural healing.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy. A hemorrhoidectomy is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, distended veins in the lower rectum or anus.
  • HysterectomyA hysterectomy is the surgical removal of a woman's uterus. This may be done laparoscopically through an abdominal incision or vaginally. The ovaries may be removed at the same time.
  • HysteroscopyHysteroscopy is a surgical procedure used to help diagnose and treat many uterine disorders. The hysteroscope (a viewing instrument inserted through the vagina for a visual exam of the canal of the cervix and the interior of the uterus) can transmit an image of the uterine canal and cavity to a television screen.
  • Inguinal hernia repair. Inguinal hernias are when the small intestine bulges through a weak area in the lower abdominal muscles. An inguinal hernia occurs in the groin. Surgical repair pulls the intestine back to its original location.
  • Low back pain surgery. Low back pain can have various causes, including abnormal development of the backbone, stress on the back, injury, or a physical disorder that affects the bones of the spine. Usually, surgery is not considered until other options have been exhausted, including rest, medication, and mild exercise. The type of surgery done on the back depends on the diagnosis.
  • MastectomyA mastectomy is the removal of all or part of the breast. Mastectomies are usually done to treat breast cancer. There are several types of mastectomies, including the following:
    • Partial (segmental) mastectomy, involves the removal of the breast cancer and a larger portion of the normal breast tissue around the breast cancer.
    • Total (or simple) mastectomy, in which the surgeon removes the entire breast, including the nipple, the areola (the colored, circular area around the nipple), and most of the overlying skin, and may also remove some of the lymph nodes under the arm, also called the axillary lymph glands.
    • Modified radical mastectomy, in which the surgeon removes the entire breast (including the nipple, the areola, and the overlying skin), some of the lymph nodes under the arm, and the lining over the chest muscles. In some cases, part of the chest wall muscles is also removed.
  • Partial colectomy. A partial colectomy is the removal of part of the large intestine (colon) which may be done to treat cancer of the colon  or inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis.
  • ProstatectomyThe surgical removal of all or part of the prostate gland, the sex gland in men that surrounds the neck of the bladder and urethra--the tube that carries urine away from the bladder. A prostatectomy may be done for an enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or if the prostate gland is cancerous.
  • Tonsillectomy. The surgical removal of one or both tonsils. Tonsils are located at the back of the mouth and help fight infections

Value Added Services

  • Get answers to your queries round the clock

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Get answers to all your medical queries

  • Free Airport Services - Pick up and Drop

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(b) This report/details shall be forwarded by the patient to Biogenique at least 10 days prior to his/her arrival in India so that the same can be forwarded to the Hospital so as to enable the hospital to ensure verification of the same by the Doctor in charge of treating the patient and send its observations/comments, if any, to the patient/Biogenique within 3 working days of receipt of the report along with the cost estimate for the treatment required by the patient.

(c) The receiving of reports/medical history/health details from the patient in advance is a condition precedent in the cases where the patient has already planned to receive treatment in India, but in Ambulatory cases this is not a condition precedent.

(d) The patient will pay the entire cost of treatment in advance to the Hospital against receipt of the same issued by the Hospital, before the start of the treatment or as and when asked by the Hospital Authorities to deposit. Payment of treatment cost is a matter exclusively between the Patient and the Hospital and this Website is not involved in the matter and hence disclaims any liability arising out of the payment of treatment cost.

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(f) The patient will be liable to pay the escalated costs (if any) i. e. the difference in the estimated cost and the actual cost of treatment as applicable at the time of undergoing the said treatment.

(g) Further the patient shall pay for the extra-treatment, cross-referrals as desired by him or if so advised by the Doctor in Charge of the specific patient, whose decision shall be final and binding upon the patient.

8. Mandates And Obligations Of Surgery Tours India

(a) Biogenique shall receive the query regarding ailment suffered by the patient desirous of receiving treatment in India and forward the same to the Specialist Doctor at Apollo hospital for his comments/suggestion coupled with his certificate of authenticity and revert back the same to the patient within 72 hours of the receipt of the said query.

(b) The Biogenique shall assimilate from the patient his/her complete medical history/reports/health records coupled with the authentication by the Patient's Doctor preparing the said medical history/report, at least 8 working days prior to the date of arrival of the patient in India, and shall revert to the patient explaining him/her the type of treatment that shall be extended by the said Hospital(s) along with the terms and tariff normally charged by the said Hospital(s) from time to time.

(c) Before admission of the patient to said Hospital(s), the Scheduled Hospital(s) may ask for the commitment letter duly signed by the patient favoring the Scheduled Hospital(s), confirming that in the event of cross referral or additional diagnostic or treatment facility availed by the patient, the patient will pay the said Hospital(s) the expenses thereof before leaving the said Hospital in India. This matter is again an activity between the Patient and the Scheduled Hospital(s) and the this Website or Biogenique has no role to play and hence expressly disclaim any liability.

(d) In case the treatment extended to the patient is likely to go beyond the stipulated period of his stay in India, whereby making it necessary to get the extension of visa by the patient, in that event all the initial formalities i.e. filing of application as well as other relevant tasks ancillary to that shall be solely done by and shall be the responsibility of patient. However, Biogenique will assist the patient or his/her accompaniments in following the procedures and contacting the concerned Authorities, the costs of which shall be borne by the patient. The patient will pay to Biogenique the amount of service charge on account of assistance and other related service rendered.

(e) Biogenique shall arrange for the desired quality hotel accommodations, conveyance and other facilities for the patient and his/her accompaniments subject to payment made by the patient or his/her accompaniments against the invoices so raised by Biogenique for such services rendered from time to time.

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(c) The Patient shall pay the complete estimated cost of treatment in advance to the said Hospital(s) and undertakes further to pay the difference between the estimated cost and actual cost of treatment to the said Hospital(s), if the situation so warrants against the invoice/bill raised by the Hospital.

(d) The Patient undertakes to clear all the pending bills towards cost of treatment carried out in India at the time of discharge from the Hospital.

(e) In the event of patient, after commencement of treatment declining to continue or have the treatment for any reason not due to any fault of the said Hospital(s), the advance payment made by the patient to the hospital for such treatment shall be returned only after adjusting actual expenditure incurred up to the time of stopping the treatment.

(f) The Patient undertakes that he/she and their accompaniment shall abide by all rules and regulations of the said Hospital(s) and also do not infringe any laws of India during the period of treatment.

(g) In the event of the patient availing services from Biogenique related to tour management and arranging for the facilities with regard to hotel bookings, stay, conveyance. Ticketing and any other related facilities/services, the patient shall pay an advance amount of 50% of the total cost to Biogenique at the time of booking and remaining 50% at the time of his/her arrival in India against the invoice raised by Biogenique towards such services rendered.

10. Charges To Surgery Tours India

(a) Biogenique shall be entitled to receive from the patient charges related towards the tour management and other facilities relating to hotel bookings, stay, and conveyance. Ticketing and any other related facilities/services.

(b) Biogenique is also entitled to receive service charges on account of rendering assistance to the patient or his/her accompaniment in getting extension of visa in the event of extended stay on account of receiving medical treatment.

11. Exclusion Of Liability

(a) Biogenique  or the said Hospital(s) shall not be liable for death of patient despite proper treatment.

(b) Improper response to the treatment by the patient, which would entail sending him back to their hometown.

(c) Biogenique  or the said Hospital(s) shall not be liable for any complication that may arise during treatment resulting in death, permanent/temporary disablement of the patient for which proper care was taken by the said Hospital(s) Doctors in the normal course.

(d) Biogenique  shall not be bound by any act or omission, which is done beyond the scope of this Agreement by the Patient or his/her accompanimen

12. Termination

(a) This Agreement shall be terminated at after 30 days of the date the patient has entered into the Agreement. However, in case of a breach of the terms of this Agreement or any violation of prevailing laws by the Patient would automatically entitle the Website/Biogenique  to terminate the Agreement instantly, without any notice.

13. Relationship/Status

The relationship/status that Biogenique  and Patient share with each other is only that of referring the patient to the Scheduled Hospital(s) along with their queries, medical history/records/complete health record of the said patient(s) who are desirous of getting treated in India and except this there is no other relation between the parties except the one intended within the parameters of this agreement.

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